Nyack Shell is proud to have welcomed motorists from every US state and many foreign countries.  Our visitors include ambassadors, dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, entertainers, athletes, explorers, and families on  holiday.   They each share something in common:  A desire to see Lake Tahoe, California, and the beautiful Sierra Nevadas — and the need to stop on the top of Donner Summit to refuel.  Either themselves, or their rides.

We have a lot of fun gathering testimonials, signatures, well-wishes and autographs from our more recognizable visitors, which you’ll see displayed throughout our general store.    Come have a look on your next visit!

Sorry, Marilynne.    Thank you, Chris.

Great White Owl

All the best, always!

Paul Nave, 1998 WBF World Champion

Peace always!

Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49er's #42

Stewart and Grant, thanks for helping so many of our visitors!

Senator Tim Leslie

All my best!

Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992 Olympic Champion

You give good tire.

Sean Penn, Actor, Producer

Scenery is here, wish I was beautiful.

Robin Williams, Actor, Comedian